Marketing In The Metaverse

Make your products stand out through augmented reality and engage your customers in an interactive marketing experience. Explore the myriad avenues of marketing and advertising in the metaverse with Fabrik.

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Avatars shopping in the metaverse

How Fabrik Helps

Crafting Worlds
Rich Experiences
Brand Intimacy
  • Enjoy limitless possibilities of advertising through immersive visualisation of your products and share them online on any browser with ease.

  • Create engaging user experiences for your customers to sell your products faster and better.

  • Revive print media through personalized AR experience where in the reader is able to project a selfie with a quote onto the physical newspaper

  • Create a buzz within communities and engage with the readers through handheld devices

  • CPG(Consumer Packaged Goods) in the metaverse with Fabrik - engage with interactive product packages

  • Built engaging and creative experiences to increase your brand's awareness through augmented reality

Platform features

Engaging AR experiences for marketing
  • Pick, Create & Share
    Our no-code, drag-and-drop platform makes it simple to create and share immersive content for your brand.

  • Easy Embedded Experiences
    Add rich user experiences to your website, product catalogues, or printed material with a simple shareable link or QR code. It's that easy!

  • Meaningful High Quality Customer Experiences
    Build interactive, step-by-step AR experiences that allow users to delve deep into your products at their own leisure.

Our Process

Simple Process of creating marketing campaigns and ideas with Fabrik's metaverse platform

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