Digital Work Instructions

Fabrik revolutionizes the traditional paper-based standard operating procedures (SOPs) into digital work instructions that puts all documents, manuals, and drawings at the operator’s fingertips in form of 3D Visual Immersive Experience.

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Key Challenges

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    Conventional 2D manuals are out-dated and field knowledge is not captured accurately.

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    Most of the complex information cannot be visualized in a few pages.

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    These manuals wind up being thousands of pages long for managing industries

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    Without accurate knowledge, asset maintenance today is reactive, expensive, and time-consuming with repeated occurrences of faults.


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    All work instructions are accessible in both online and offline modes via smartphones and/or tablets.

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    Enhance worker safety, efficiency and responsiveness leading to increased first-time fix rate and zero unplanned downtime.

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    Immersive augmented reality experiences without programming expertise

Benefits of VR training
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    Knowledge Distribution model

    A revamped knowledge distribution model that is independent of people’s (trainers) availability.

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    Employee assessment repository

    Builds an employee assessment repository with historical assessment, and insights into improvement areas.

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    On-the-job Digital work instruction

    Lays the foundation for on-the-job digital work instructions to further digitize the knowledge distribution mechanism across the organization.

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