Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual counterpart of a physical asset, process, or system. Companies utilize digital twins to prevent issues before they occur, avoid downtime, and even simulate future circumstances and events.

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Digital twin explored through mixed reality headset and mobile

Key Challenges

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    Assembly lines processes are complex, with meticulous rhythm that users follow to ensure quality outputs at a high-pace.

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    Today’s stoppages in the assembly can be attributed to machine failures or human errors on the assembly line. The high-value asset with expensive components have equally complex assembling procedures thereby having a significant impact on the line productivity.


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    See the entire assembly line with real-time insights into the health of various processes.

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    On-demand instructions to assembly line workers on the right steps to be followed.

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    Remote access to experts to verify if the jobs are done correctly or incase of any emergencies.

Remote Collaboration in 3D space
Digital Twin of car engine
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    Fabrik’s process digital twins help assembly line operators/workers visualise procedure helping them make the right decisions at the right time without going through complex written manuals.

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    The system guides the users on the right approach while warning them of potential failure points and captures tacit knowledge that’s key to preventing human errors.

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