Manufacturing Digital Twin

From aggregating complex data through various sources to limited root cause analysis, there are various points within the value chain where the manufacturing digital twin can help enterprises 10x their current capabilities.

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Digital twin explored through mixed reality headset and mobile

Low rejection rates

  • Aggregate data and information from multiple systems, and take corrective actions with digital work instructions.

  • Identify and track changes in real-time across all devices.

  • Full view of all variables, time frames, data behaviour and relationships as a 3D digital twin.

Streamlining manufacturing with immersive technology
Aerospace manufacturing

Part quality in precision engineering

  • Higher level of clarity and readability than that of traditional electronic display systems.

  • Live connect between inspection and the production line engineers providing visibility to the operator on the quality status.

  • Digital twinning to eliminate non-revenue generating quality checks and through data aggregation and root cause analysis.

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