Operational Digital Twin

Operational digital twin streamlines live data and optimizes the industrial operations by aggregating all data into a single unified platform.

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Digital twin explored through mixed reality headset and mobile

Overall Equipment
Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Allow readers to integrate information with minimum cognitive processing.

  • Record errors in real-time and share between teams through a centralized knowledge management system.

  • First-time right repairs with mean-time between failures (MTBF) and mean-time between outages (MTBO) for each asset on the grid.

A huge factory
Aeroplane being built

Turn around time for asset inspection

  • Increasing efficiency by 25% by digitising all operation manuals to remove ambiguities.

  • 3D imagery of the aircraft to automate the operations and track its health throughout its lifecycle.

  • Predictive maintenance by allowing rapid iterations aiming to rectify errors in real-time.

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