Current Industry Challenges that we solve for:


Due to varying software tools and file formats sharing and collaborating on BIM files is challenging and leads to time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry and conversion.


BIM & IFC files can be very large and complex, making it challenging to view and manipulate them on a range of devices.

Collaborative Workflow

Budget overruns and design changes in construction necessitate simultaneous access and modification of files by team members at all levels.

Training & Expertise

IFC files can be very daunting and complex, limiting the access to information to only a few subject matter experts.
How do we do it?

no-code 3D authoring platform on the web for rapid deployment of IFC models & Data

Upload and load IFC models instantly (within seconds) in a no-code environment
Unify diverse data into a single 3D interface and accelerate time to action across the value chain
Conduct inspections, design approvals, site tours on any device with ease
How do we do it?

A single SaaS fee that covers everything

Software licensing, training and onboarding included in a single price at INR 12,500 per license
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